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sberez November 15, 2009 06:26

Translational Periodicity / Velocity Profile

i'm making a simulation of an air flow through a house or infinite row of "houses" as you can see in the picture :
the air should flow through the walls of the house, and the roof should be set as a wall boundary.
there is the tunnel domain and the house domain.
i've made a a translational periodicity of both sides of the house in the tunnel domain.
my problem is setting the flow of the two sides of the house domain.
i can't make a fluid-fluid general connection from the tunnel domain to the house domain because the sides of the house at the tunnel domain are being used in the domain interface of translational periodicity.
i also tried to set translatiotal periodicity for all the house's sides at the 2 domains, but it gives me an error or poor results.

so my question is if and how can i make a CEL expression of the velocity profile at one domain and put in to another?
or is there any other suggestions on how to solve it?

ghorrocks November 15, 2009 18:29

You can't map one profile to another.

Have you considered using a porous region?

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