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akultane November 15, 2009 13:23

Replacing mesh while running a simulation
Hi guys. I am analyzing a turbomachine with stator and rotor using CFX-11.0. I am using constant boundary conditions, corresponding certain operation point and obtain a steady state solution. I start my simulation with guessed stator and rotor blade angles. I am monitoring the efficiency of the machine while running the solution.

If the efficiency is not the one I am trying to reach, I stop the simulation and generate new meshes with different blade angles. I run the preprocessing again (import mesh+assign BCs etc.) and start simulation. By changing the angles of stator and rotor blades, I'll get appropriate efficiency eventually.

My question is that is it possible to import a new mesh in simulation while it is running? In other words, is it possible to replace old mesh with a new one while simulation in running? If that could be done I woudn't have to stop my simulation and run preprocessing each time I change blade angles.

In the iteration process that I described, BCs remain constant and the only thing that changes are stator and rotor blade angles. I am using a structural grid generator so the topology and sumber of elements remains the same for each mesh.

Thanks in advance

Tristan November 15, 2009 14:46

CFX-12.0 allows you to set up your runs with remeshing. You can contact Ansys support for the appropriate tutorials since they weren't released with the software. They have an IC Engine tutorial which is not particularly useful and a Valve Motion tutorial which does a much better job explaining how to set up your own runs with remeshing.


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