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champshof November 16, 2009 07:09

Force by buoyancy
Dear all,

The difference in Buoyancy forces switched on or off have a major influence on the forces in my bouyancy direction of my model. For that reason I modelled a simple isothermal, single phase 2D cylinder flow, but still the buoyancy has a major influence. When switched off I get a drag force of -0.33N and when switched on I get a drag force of 0.70N.

Epecially the negative drag force is very weird, anyone an explanation?

champshof November 17, 2009 07:09

nobody an idea?

champshof November 17, 2009 11:54

found the answer: pressure build op due to the domain (to small)!

ghorrocks November 17, 2009 21:00

For future reference: The reason you got no replies is because you did not provide sufficient information about what you were doing and any error messages, convergence histories or anything to debug the problem. We are not mind readers. So I just don't bother answering questions which are poorly asked. I have better things to do.

champshof November 18, 2009 04:07

thanks for the tip! :)

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