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jai November 23, 2009 02:05

exhaust gas simulation
what is the procedure for turbine simulation of turbocharger?

my work is to to find the temperature/heat transfer distribution on the turbine housing surface and give the result as a input file for thermo-mechanical & stress analysis.

when do we use mass fraction of gas & for my analysis whether i've to give mass fraction of gas? how do i calculate it?

pls explain the difference between exhaust gas analysis with mass fraction and without mass fraction

ghorrocks November 23, 2009 05:23

Sounds like you need to visit a library, you have to understand things like heat transfer and mass fractions before you can model them. And there is no way advanced concepts like this can be described in a forum posting.

Do some tutorials on rotating machinery modelling. CFX comes with quite a few in V12 so do them all. Also do all the tutorials on modelling mass fractions and heat transfer.

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