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bbmorales November 26, 2009 08:30

Deforming boundaries - is it possible?
Hi there.

Im simulationg a kind of bubble column and would like to make it a little more sofisticated.

At the top boundary - degassing - it is possible to plot the pressure profile.
The highest pressures are, of course, found at the spot where the gas hits this boundary.

Is there any way to make the mesh deform following this pressure profile?

The goal is to, somehow, simulate the elevation on the liquid surface due the gas. So, where the pressure is higher, the mesh would deform.

Ive been working with this kind of flow, considering a domain bottom half filled of liquid and top half filled of gas, but it is a bit hard to deal with it, so Im working with a degassing condition now.

Any hint?


ghorrocks November 26, 2009 18:00

It would be possible to do this as a deforming mesh but I suspect a free surface approach would be better. Can you do a free surface model rather than a degassing boundary?

Rui November 27, 2009 05:09

I've read there are people doing that (single-phase simulation, and using a moving/deforming boundary to represent the free surface).
But I've never seen an example, and always wondered how do you calculate the movement of that free-surface boundary.
And what are the limitations of this method relatively to doing a 2-phase free-surface simulation (assuming you don't care what happens in the gaseous phase).

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