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Scott Nordsen December 2, 2009 12:57

Gradient Discretization CFX vs Fluent
I am a traditional Fluent user trying to compare CFX runs to Fluent runs.

A few versions ago Fluent added an option under discretization for gradients

1) Green-Gauss Node based
2) Green-Gauss Cell based
3) Least Squares Cell based

I am having trouble finding help on 1) does CFX have similar options 2) what is CFXs default

If a simple answer exists (i.e. CFX only does #2 from the list above) that would be great.

Thanks in advance

ghorrocks December 2, 2009 17:46

The approach in CFX is totally different to Fluent. Fluent is cell-centred so the gradients need to be calculated at the cell boundaries and hence the options you list. CFX uses a semi-Finite Element approach with shape functions. See the theory manual in the documentation for more details.

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