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Bigga December 29, 2009 09:12

FloEFD CFDesign or CFX
My Company is buying a new CFD Software package for both fluid flow and heat transfer aplications.

We have decided on 3 options - FloEFD, CFDesign and CFX. User friendliness is very important for us - we need something that caters to the engineer and not the CFD PhD since our bussiness environment is very fast moving. If we have ideas we need to check them quickly and move on, and we do not want to get to the more complicated level of Fluent, it is simply not necessary.

However we are having trouble defining the strong points and week points of one program against the other.

can any one help?

sans December 30, 2009 00:39

The best way forward is to benchmark the 3 softwares; the software firms would be happy to do it.
Recently we had evaluated CFDesign vs our current CFX. It did predict the numbers pretty well vs experimental results, ease of use was a highlight. But we needed more such as multiphase, turbo post processing etc which CFdesign didnt offer.
It depends on your needs and the complexity of your problems. All the best!!

Tom Hagerty December 30, 2009 09:35

strong/weak points, depends on user & applications
Great question, Bigga. I'd suggest the hands on comparison, or at the very least a demonstration of your model by each company. Websites and demos always look great, but the application at hand coupled with the target users will point out the best tool.

The CFD market has changed a lot in the past 5 years. From a technical aspect, there used to be 2 extremes - tools like Fluent/Comsol on the specialist side, embedded tools like FlowWorks/EFD on the simple side. That's all evolving - simple tools can do more than ever before, but like sans said there are clear distinctions in capability/cost/ease of use, etc.

More importantly the companies behind the tools are all evolving as well - Ansys bought Fluent, Mentor Graphics bought Flomerics who bought Nika...who authors FlowSimulation & EFD.

All the more reason to put the tools to work. Will show you the differences in each tool's strenght/weakness, and what it's like to be a customer and collaborate with each code's support team.

ckleanth December 30, 2009 20:45

If there is nobody in your company that can assess the said CFD sofware I would suggest that you first contract somone with CFD experience to assess the task that you want to simulate and the level of detail you require. why contract someone you might say? well if you have no experience with CFD and you are given results from the said demonstration simulations the results and the way they go about to obtain these results will most likey be just pretty pictures and mumbo jumbo.

IMO you need to ask the right questions to the developers regarding their CFD software/meshing applications and post prossesing tools and dont forget customer/technical support for the foreseeing future

matt_milne January 4, 2010 07:41

Hi Bigga,

I work for Mentor Graphics and specifically I am an application engineer for FloEFD.

Which CFD code is best for you depends to some extent on your application as they all have different strengths and weaknesses. Contrary to an earlier suggestion, the best person to benchmark different CFD software is actually you, the user, because no one else knows your application and the results you expect to see better than you do.

As well as guaranteeing impartiality, doing an evaluation yourself is also a very good way of finding out if the software is really as easy to use as the vendor claims. True, there is a risk of new-user-error if you do this, but that is why I always work closely with my prospects during an evaluation to make sure they get the best use out of the software and don't get poor results just because of some trivial user error.

You have listed a number of requirements and to be honest you've really answered your own question already - even being completely objective I have to say your requirements all point strongly towards FloEFD so I recommend you contact your local Mentor Graphics office for an evaluation if you haven't already done so (or PM me and I can put you in touch).

Best Regards,


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