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cosine January 3, 2010 16:01

multiphase in multiple domain problem

I am new user in CFX and i need some help to setup a simulation.
I want to model two flows (two different materials) in two different domains, while an additional variable is transportes in both domains. Also, using an interface the variable is transfered from one domain to another.
When i try to simulate it, the flow components (velocities, pressure) of both materials are calculated in both domains (so, in each domain i have velocities for both materials). But, i want to calculate the flow of the material 1 in the domain 1 and the flow of the material 2 in the domain 2.
Does anybody have an idea how to solve this?

Thanks a lot

Abou ali January 3, 2010 16:43

Look this thread

two fluids in CFX-pre

cosine January 3, 2010 17:12

Thank you very much.
I have already define my simulation. I am waiting for the results...:)

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