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Suzzn January 5, 2010 06:44

Simulation of a single passage and volute

i try to simulate a centrifugal compressor with diffuser and volute. My aim is to investigate the influence of different geometry-variables of impeller and volute on the characteristic of the compressor, especially on surge and stall! So i will need many simulations. To reduce computational time I want to consider only a single passage as part of the computational domain. But as I want to see the influence of the volute too, i wonder if there is a possibility to rotate the result of the simulation of the single passage (impeller and diffuser) in order to use it as inlet condition for the simulation of the volute part? Hope someone understands my question and got an answer...

Best regards
Susann :rolleyes:

Attesz January 5, 2010 08:05


I don't understand your problem. Do you want to rotate the impeller physically?
When you define the stage interface, with the "Pitch change" option can you set the periodicity, wich "rotates" the results at interface, and gives the inlet parameters for the volute. Read about this in cfx help!


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