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jai January 15, 2010 18:24

input method for various temperature value
I've thermal conductivity of steel from 400 to 700 degree C at the interval of 25 degree C.
how can i feed it this valves into CFX?
from 400 to 700 k-valve is not linear...

Tristan January 15, 2010 21:52

Create a CEL expression for thermal conductivity as a function of temperature based on your fit to the data (e.g. VarThermConduct=a+bT+cT^2+... where you make sure each of the terms has the correct units) and replace the value for the Thermal Conductivity under the Material Properties tab with your expression (VarThermConduct).


ghorrocks January 16, 2010 00:07

Or use a 1D interpolation function. This uses linear interpolation between the points.

jai January 16, 2010 14:20

please explain the formula elaborately.

Attesz January 16, 2010 16:58

you should make an user function, with two points 400 and 700 K, with step number (700-400)/25. After that you should define an expression, which uses this function. And when you set the temperature, you should set this expression by its name. These steps are well described in cfx help. Good luck!

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