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Luk_Fiz January 20, 2010 08:06

Model for coal combustion
Hi all,
I need to simulate very simple coal funace. This is very simple and primitive design - there are relatively big "bricks" of hot coal on pierced metal frame with primary air from the bottom and secondary air from side. My first guess was to simulate it as a fluidized bed, however I noticed that in this case the movement of this coal bricks is negligible and "fluidization" is very small. Because of that I started to think, what is best idea:
a) to simulate it as fluidized bed - time consuming, not very good convergence, difficult, many parameters,
b) to try to use some model for combustible gas release (as a function of temperature f.e.) from surface of the coal and simulation of only gas combutions. At the moment this is my choice, because I think that under condition of proper assasment of gas release simulaiton of gas combustion would be much easier.

Does anyone has some experience? Can anyone finger any model used for assasment of gas release?


maazulmosaid April 29, 2014 08:49

I am working on coal combustion also

please share your experience with me

which model you choose and what properties
please help

thanks in advance

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