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adam_annie January 23, 2010 20:09

How to set boundaries about airfoil in CFX
hi, everyone. I am not familiar with CFX and these days i try to learn how to use CFX to calc the airfoil, wing and other more complicated configures. I have got a RAE2822 airfoil grids by ICEM and my problem is how to set the proper boundaries in CFX. From the literatures I have read, there are two different kinds of boundaries setting. First, set the farfield as OPENING, setting static pressure and velocity. Another is set VELOCITY INLET and PRESSURE OUTLET. Set velocity in INLET and average pressure in OUTLET. I am confused about which one is proper. The tutorial says OPENING boundary only can be used in subsonic. So if i want to simulate a transonic case, do I have to choose VELOCITY INLET and PRESSURE OUTLET? Thanks a lot.

adam_annie January 24, 2010 13:00

I am looking forward to anyone who can help me! Thank you

ghorrocks January 24, 2010 20:20

For subsonic flows a velocity inlet and a outlet with a set pressure makes sense. For transonic/supersonic flows if it is possible to extend the outlet downstream so the flow is entirely supersonic that would help. Not sure how to deal with it if this is not possible, it is not my field of expertise. All I can suggest then is to read the documentation.

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