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Atella January 26, 2010 06:13

Error after meshing/before defining conditions
Im using CFX through ANSYS workbench, I am fairly new to CFX so have been following the CFX tutorials available online.

I am trying to model the flow around a vehicle and so have applied the techniques used in Tutorial 5: Blunt Body and applying it to what i require.

After setting up my mesh in CFX mesh i try to open up the 'setup' section to define my loads etc but i get the following error:

ERROR Syntax error: %s parameters should have the format: load
Syntax error: action 'wbloadmesh' parameters should have the format: param=value

Anyone know why this is and how to solve it?
Any help is much appreciated


christopherrosep March 2, 2010 14:17

Hi, i have the same problem with Ansys 12, do you have any idea ?

Atella March 2, 2010 14:23

It turned out to be a problem with my working directory, after meshing the object i saved the whole workbench file as a new name, which it didnt like and gave that error.

I had to basically start again with a new working directory and saved as I went along using the same file name.

If this sounds like something you did then its worth trying to load the simulation from where you last didnt have any problems

ja21 September 25, 2017 17:28

I had the same error and it appears that having commas in the workbench file name caused the issue. I did a save as without commas and everything seems to be working fine.

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