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matheusguzella February 5, 2010 14:06


I'm running a simulation of the air flow inside a low speed wind tunnel and I want to know the best way of displaying the vorticity. I already put some streamlines to see if there is a recirculation (and I found). Which way is the best? The solver is CFX 12. I already tried to put a Vortex Core Region put I tried to figure out how this method works and I didn't find a good answer (the manual is not so clear).


triple_r February 7, 2010 15:29


What was the problem with vortex core?

Why you don't use a variable like "Vorticity magnitude" (or x-Vorticity, Y-Voticity, and Z-Vorticity if you need the components) in a contour plot (or vector plot with components)?

hamed1983 October 23, 2017 14:55

I tried to display the vorticity in a same simulation in wind tunnel but the plane became completely in blue and I do not know why?
Would you plz to give me some advise that how can i show the vorticity in wake?

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