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mactech001 February 10, 2010 03:03

uncertain on model outlet definition
Dear all,

i've done some tests on a housing with an inlet and an outlet. on both the inlet and outlet side, i've valves which i use to influence the pressure of the inlet and outlet, and flowrate at the inlet.

data i have is: inlet pressure is 14.6kPa, outlet pressure is 4.8kPa and inlet flowrate is 12L/min.

i would like to use CFX to estimate the pressure for me, in order to gain more confidence on my calculations. i'll define input flowrate of 12L/min. am i correct to define the outlet of the housing model with the following:
1) Boundary type: Outlet
2) Static Pressure = 4.8kPa

or should i use Average Static Pressure using the Average over Whole Outlet option?

Please comment. thanks!

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