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Ravikiran February 14, 2010 05:05

Interruption by signal HUP (1)
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I am working on a fluid-solid thermal analysis project.

Brief: A big cylinder ( 20 m length and .5 m dia ) with around 900 inlets and 2 outlets. Supersaturated Steam of diff temps and mass flow rates enter through various inlets and mixes in the stomach of cylinder, comes out through 2 outlets.

Aim is to get a temperature distribution in fluid and sold material.

I have used ICEM CFD to mesh then exported it to CFX. Defined Boundary conditions as required. When i give run, i encounter an error msg as follows:

** Error concerns TT data for .PROLOGUE:
STOP called from routine PROCESS_OBJECT

F:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v120\CFX\bin\winnt-amd64\cclsetup.exe
was interrupted by signal HUP (1)

PS: I attach output file too for reference.

Please help me out of this. ( I am a newbie in CFD )

Thank you.

ghorrocks February 14, 2010 06:28

I am guessing here but I suspect you may have run into a limitation in the amount of CCL it can load. Does it work fine if you do the same simulation with only half (or a quarter) of the number of inlets? If that works then I think you have hit a CCL limitation.

If this is the case then your only option is to group inlets together with the same conditions into reduce the number of inlets. If this is not possible you should talk to CFX support.

Ravikiran February 14, 2010 09:52

Yes Ghorrocks,

It worked fine with half and lesser number of inlet boundary conditions. But now i cant group inlets together.

Any way of expanding CCL limitation? Or any other solution?

Thank you.

ghorrocks February 14, 2010 18:33

In that case your only option is to talk to CFX support.

joey2007 February 15, 2010 17:16

beyond the command line options of cfx5solve there is one named -sizeccl factor or similar. It may help. Please give feed back ....

Ravikiran February 16, 2010 02:46

Hi joey,

Tried changing size factor. No use :(

ghorrocks February 16, 2010 18:33

Have you talked to CFX Support yet?

Ravikiran February 17, 2010 02:07

Hi Ghorrocks,

I have mailed my query to

No reply yet. Do you have any other contact info of Ansys-CFX support?

Thank you.

ghorrocks February 17, 2010 08:02

I think that email address is the sales address. If you have a paid-up tech support contract you will have been given an email/phone number to access CFX support. If not, well this is why you buy tech support.

Siva_aero February 17, 2010 11:32

Ravikiran February 22, 2010 01:42

Hey ghorrocks,

I got a reply and a call from cfx support. They say there is a limit on educational version.

So i have grouped inlets in to fewer numbers , as you suggested, and could get the temperature distribution for both the domains.

I have a doubt here, when i define a boundary condition and select some 3 inlet faces for it. Will the inlet mass flow rate given to this boundary condition gets divided among these inlets or will it remain the same for all the three inlets?

And can you please guide me how to export this temperatures to ansys structural and apply as loads i.e, instructions on export, import,etc..

If there are any specific tutorial for this, tell me where can i find them.

Thank you very much in advance.

Ravi kiran.

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