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maz.mahzari February 18, 2010 08:18

run terminated with overflow error
Hi Guys,
I'm doing a CFD analysis of a free surface flow. The problem is not very complicated. A rectangular basin is filled from a pipe at the invert level. The analysis is transient. The aim is to get the standing surface wave pattern in the basin due to velocity fluctuations at the inlet. After 15 sec of analysis the run is terminated with this error:

| ERROR #004100018 has occurred in subroutine FINMES. |
| Message: |
| Fatal overflow in linear solver. |

| An error has occurred in cfx5solve: |
| |
| The CFX-5 solver exited with return code 1. No results file has |
| been created. |

I'm using CFX12 on a windows machine.
Any idea that what can be the source of this error? I tried to refine the time steps, but actually it didn't make sense to make time steps so small and by small I mean 1e-5s, I'm not even sure if works fine.
Appreciate any help and idea in advance.

feizaghaee February 18, 2010 15:08

the reason of this error is divergence in solution

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