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treyevans February 19, 2010 21:43

Blow Tank Simulation ... Need Help!

I am trying to simulate flow through the tank that I have designed for a class design project. It is a blow-tank for a pneumatic conveying system of particulate cataylst. I am new to CFX, have had no formal training and am basically teaching myself. Ultimately I want to simulate nitrogen pushing particulate solids up into the outlet over an elevation, but I initally want to merely simulate air running through the tank in order to get the hang of CFX. Attached is a cut-a-way of my tank. From viewing the tutorials, I see that most simulations are using solid geometries, where as mine is a hollow tank. Will this not work in CFX? CFX will not allow me to CFX mesh my tank, but it will allow me to "automatically" mesh it. Is this a problem? Once I get to Pre-CFX, I try to create a steady state flow analysis and i have air inlet at a face at the inlet pipe (i initally didnt have that face/solid, but I had to create it, same for the outlet). Once I get to "solution", I get all sorts of errors. If this were a simple inlet/outlet tank, I would simply make a tank shaped solid, but since I have an air inlet, an eventual particulate solid that will be sitting within the tank, and an complicated outlet (a "collector", as I call it), it doesn't seem possible. Anyways, thanks for looking at my problem,




sans February 20, 2010 01:42

Hi, The solid geometries (as you mentioned) in the tutorials are the fluid models i.e. regions where the fluid exists. In your case the fluid part would have to be extracted from your solid geometry which is possible in any CAD software or with design modeler.

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