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LFF February 21, 2010 08:43

Ansyslmd.exe process goes to 100% using VPN

I have the Ansys CFX package 12.1 installed on my laptop to view the results, setup cases, etc.

When I connect to our office network through a VPN connection, the ansyslmd.exe process goes to full throttle (50% CPU usage) and stays that way untill I restart the computer.

When I fisically connect to our network (cable), this behavior does not occur, only with VPN connection.

Has anyone noticed something similar?


ghorrocks February 21, 2010 19:02

My guess is the screen display is having problems over the VPN. These can be tricky problems to fix. You will have to do lots of digging to find the answer on that one.

ArslanOZCAN May 24, 2011 09:49


I have the same problem. Have you find any solution? Please share...

Best regards...

rrezaei August 8, 2012 23:21

Dear all,
I had the same problem several month ago but I found a way to solve it.
1-by pressing "ctrl+shift+Esc" window task manager will open
2-click on "performance" tab
3-click on "resource monitor" button then the resource monitor window will open
4-in "overview" tab find "ansyslmd.exe" and check the box on its left
5- then R-click on "ansyslmd.exe" and click on suspend process
note: when you want to use "Ansys" softwer you should do the same but select the "resume process". after each restart or turning off "ansyslmd.exe" will be active again.
Have fun

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