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peterle March 5, 2010 21:11

Variable name for heat flux

I'm trying to calculate heat transfer coefficients. Until now I'm only trying because I had some toruble finding the correct variable names of the CEL language which I want to use in the post-processing.

I would like to use the variable 'heat flux' in the post processing. I prefer it because it represents only the convective part of the heat flux. The problem: I found only the variable 'wall heat flux' (Qwall) (represents convection + radiation) in the documentation, but not the CEL expression for the variable 'heat flux'. Does anybody know the variable name of 'heat flux'?

It's kind of urgent, I have to show up with something next week, so the earlier, the better an answer would be.

ghorrocks March 6, 2010 05:50

Look in the CFX documentation. You will find it in the reference manual, under CEL Expression language variables.

peterle March 7, 2010 16:45

I have already tried to look it up in the CFX documentation (several times actually), but there is nothing said about the 'heat flux'. The 'wall heat flux' is mentioned in the list of variables in the Reference guide, but the 'heat flux' name. I also didn't find anything in the Variables-file which is mentioned in the CFX documentation

sunilpatil February 12, 2014 06:33

Heat flux variable
you can use 'Qwall' for wall heat flux (must be in W/m^2) and 'htc' for wall heat transfer coefficient

TrII4d February 13, 2014 03:21

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hi peterle,

can you explain more in detail what you are trying to do ?
from my point of view its not really clear ...
it's not possible to calculate the heat transfer in a fluid domain in CFX ... if u only want to see what the heat flux represents then kindly check the picture ... otherwise explain exactly what you are trying to do ...

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