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MeI March 8, 2010 07:08

create an oscillating input

i am a ANSYS beginner and i got a question on creating an oscillating input in CFD.

imagine i have a box which full of water in it. At the bottom of the box i have a cirle which is a electronic plate and it keeps on oscillating with a frequence 50~80Hz.

what i learnt b4 is right click-> boundary->select the input surface-> and there are only 6 choices (normal speed, cart vel componet, cyl vel component, mass flow rate, total pressure, static pressure) but it seems not correct.

and i have read tutorial21....but it seems not what i want. Could anyone who can give me some step or the correct tutorial i have to go through.

ghorrocks March 8, 2010 19:29

The most accurate way of doing this is with a moving mesh appoach.

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