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chirath2003 March 8, 2010 15:06

Ansys CFX Inlet velocity
Hi all,

I have a model where the inlet lies on the YZ plane, hence the X direction is axially in to the domain. I have a 1/7 power law as the velo inlet and i can model this either by CEL expression or by using a profile BL as a .csv file. If i want to make this time varying, how do i go abt this??

eg-1 for the profile data do i make Xvirtual by adding the actual x coordinate with the multiplication of time step and velo at that point. Xvir = x+(velo*t) - is this correct???

2 if 1 is correct, how do i model it using a CEL expression i.e U=Uref*(Zref/Z)^(1/7), where do i put the time constraint on this equation.

Thanks in advance for ur advice
BTW i have accidently put this same message on my blogs pls ignore it.


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