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siw March 9, 2010 07:05

Defining solid material properties query

I'm defining silicon dioxide as a new material to perform a sedimentation simulation with, so have to insert some data for SiO2 as a new material as it's not there already. I've set the material group to User, molar mass, density and specific heat capacity values (still trying to find the thermal conductivity value).

I've set the thermodynamic state as Solid but get a message that viscosity must be defined. That's not right for a solid?

I compare the options to that of pre-defined Copper or Aluminium and they don't have that value. So I cannot see why it's being asked for this solid.

What must be done?


JDA April 21, 2010 16:49

I can't reproduce your problem. Have you been able to solve it yet?

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