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JunaidAhmad March 10, 2010 06:50

Axial Flow Compressor, Frozen Rotor
I generate the mesh in Gambit of rotor37.and split them in two parts upper and lower portion i want the lower part to be rotating and upper to be stationary. So i open CFXPre select turbomechienary -> axialFlow comperassor-> add two new components one is R1 (Rotating) and other is S1(Stationary) in R1 i add the lower mesh and in S1 i add Upper mesh.
In R1 i define ,Hub,Blade,Inlet,Outlet,Periodic 1,Periodic 2,in Casing i add The upper portion of the mesh that i want to make the interface and similarly in S1 i define ,Casing,Inlet,Outlet,Periodic 1,Periodic 2,in Hub i add The Lower portion of the mesh that i want to make the interface. Now that i have successfully developed the Interface & Wrote the solver file, now that .def does not run in solver plz give any solution for this problem.

Attesz March 10, 2010 07:03

You didn't wrote about your boundary conditions settings, and a lot of things. Send the error message in the out file, and more detailed description about your problem.

JunaidAhmad March 11, 2010 02:09

Thanks For Your Help Attesz But I solve the Problem.

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