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Jade M March 11, 2010 17:26

Hex versus Tet
I am running a CFX problem with laminar flow through a duct. The fluid flows through some fins in the middle of the duct.

When I mesh with tet, for the same number of nodes, the run times for the tet are significantly greater than those for the hex. It seems that it takes much longer for the tet mesh's solution to converge (a lot more iterations). Why? I am assuming that the matrix size is the same as it is proportional to the number of nodes, correct?

Also, for a hex mesh, the number of nodes and number of elements are about the same. For a tet mesh, the number of elements is much larger than the number of nodes. Why?

Thanks so much for some greatly needed explanations!

ghorrocks March 12, 2010 00:41

The node/element counts is explained in the documentation, in the section which describes the control volumes.

How big an effect hex vs tet makes is problem dependent. If you are doing a simple incompressible flow it won't make much difference. If you are doing complex stuff like free surfaces, shock waves, etc etc the improved mesh quality in a hex mesh can make a huge difference.

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