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rm2052 March 12, 2010 21:18

Heat transfer problem in ansys please help me please...!!!!!!!
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I really need a huge favour from you guys to help me out with a heat transfer problem (conjugate i think). Let me explain my problem first.

1. I am modeling a pipe with water flowing through it inside. Water is at 20 C and there are 10 solid copper bulbs that is very hot at a constant surface temperature of 150 deg C. Each of the bulbs is 75 mm apart and I need to find the outlet temperature (and also would want to see what is happening inside).

I used domain interface to select both for the solid and liquid regions as the outer copper bulb surfaces. I get no heat transfer at all when I use the surface temperature at 150 deg C so I used the energy option. the problem is I dont even know exactly how much heat flux the bulb is giving off so I just kept reiterating until I got a surface temperature of what is close to 410 K. But the heat distribution does not appear to be the same. Please see the attached image of it and let me know ASAP if there is anything I can do. I mean I would even be happy to pay some money for your effort if I could. Thanks a lot

oh u can send me email as well if any questions on this Please find the attached files

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4th yr Mech Eng student

ghorrocks March 14, 2010 18:51

If the bulbs have a constant known surface temperature then why model the bulbs? Can't you just make the bulb surface a constant temperature boundary and then there is no need to model the bulbs?

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