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mach000 March 15, 2010 12:14

multiphase simulation with NOT HOMOGENEOUS model
Hi to everybody,
i'm trying to solve a big problem for me: planing hulls.

Before doing this, I'm trying to simulate simple flowfields in order to set all the parameters: a 2D wedge semi submerged.

In order to avoid to set parameters in wrong way, is someone able to give me some "first" suggestion?

Thank you very much

ghorrocks March 15, 2010 15:10

Make sure you try the free surface sharpening options. The default is not necessarily the best.

mach000 March 15, 2010 17:33

Thank you Ghorrocks for your reply.

I know what you mean.

I have prepared a lot of multiphase simulations using Homogeneous model.

Now I'm trying to use a Not homogeneous one because I think that it is the best for planing hull.

I know that defalut options are not the best. I'm looking for someone that has experience wiht this kind of models that is able to gives me some specific suggestion.

Again, thank you for your reply.

ghorrocks March 15, 2010 17:43

I think you can still use the free surface model in a non-homogenous model. Not sure on that.

Your simulation is quite specialised so you will need to do your own optimisation of parameters. You will be very lucky if anybody else has any experience directly relevant to what you are doing, and even luckier if they are actually correct in the advice they give.

mach000 March 16, 2010 06:19

probably you are right!

Now I'm working on some different setup...I'll update you about my progresses.

Again thank you

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