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blackbody March 18, 2010 03:42

Get coordinates of specific points
Where can I get the coordinates of specific points? I have only a mesh (no geometry). I tryed the function calculator in CFD-Post but I want for example the y coordinate at maxVal of z. Function calculator doesnt provide this, right?
Is there any way I can easily get coordinates of points I want (eg. leading edge at midspan, midspan of inlet,....)
Where is this been done: in CFX pre, post, ICEM,... ?
Thank you very much!

Amit Roghs March 19, 2010 09:09

You should try opening the mesh file in Icem CFD, then run the Tcl/Tk script option.
After that creat points on the locations where you interested in finding co-ordinates.
Save the script and open it in note pad.
You will have the co-ordinates along with the commands used.
You can use the value of co-ordinates from this file.

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