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blackbody March 22, 2010 17:22

Profile Boundary Condition Data
I want to Initialize a Profile Data from a measurement.
I created a .csv file like this:

main inlet

[Spatial Fields]

x [ m ], y [ m ], z [ m ], ptot [ Pa ], ke [ m^2 s^-2 ], Ttot [ K ]
0.1700000000,-0.0479946655,0.3966065732,139674.0781000000,12.798 7098700,39.7317352300
0.1700000000,-0.0254327470,0.3986896491,139674.0781000000,12.985 2228200,40.7750282300
0.1700000000,-0.0531819746,0.3959443624,139674.0781000000,13.266 5777200,39.3730430600
0.1700000000,-0.0219525942,0.3988964069,139674.0781000000,13.696 7649500,40.7627067600
but when I want to initialize the data (Tools > Initialize Profile Data) the following error occurs:

Invalid format in file 'C:\Dokumente.....\test2.csv', line 1.
After reading beginning of file, saw unrecognised heading.
Expected to read: '[CoordFrame]' section heading, '[Name]' section heading, or end of file.

What am I doing wrong???

ghorrocks March 23, 2010 06:39

The space in the second last column will stuff things up but I guess that is just a forum thing.

Have you recorded a demo profile file and copied its format?

commonyue March 25, 2010 08:38

i think the problem is the format of your export file, you need to choose BC profile when your export the data...

blackbody March 25, 2010 08:50

now it worked...

i created just a simple outlet profile BC in CFD POST from a pipe.
from this created .csv file i deleted the datas and copyed the ones i wanted to youse in. IMPORTANT is to keep the header!!!
i dont know but i think they have some hidden signs in there...

anyway, now it work ;)

thank you guys!

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