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mactech001 March 26, 2010 01:16

defining Material
Dear all,

i would like to define a new material in CFX-Pre. Using the defined 'Water', i changed the density,specific heat capacity, conductivity and viscosity for Water-Glycol mixture.

In the help, it mentions that the Reference State under 'Material Properties' page has to be defined.

i have only the properties mentioned above under certain temperatures, but no pressure-dependent values. Can i UNTICK this Reference State please? will it effect my results?

look forward to hear of any comments.

JDA April 21, 2010 15:32

Water-glycol is nearly incompressible in most applications. You should be fine entering some reasonable pressure as a reference pressure for the quantities you changed. Also, the reference pressure prompt may be indicating that you have left the reference pressure for the domain empty.

It may be wise to create a new user material "water-glycol" instead of editing "water." This will let you know that the properties for water are correct and you don't need to verify every time you reference the material.

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