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signofra April 1, 2010 06:09

how to study a simple rotating blade?
Hello everyone!
I'll tell you now what my problem is. I have to simulate the behavior of a simple rectangular shaped blade of a vertical axis hydraulic turbine. Only a blade to make the comparison with a mathematical model that I have made. I am working in this way. In ICEM I create two domains:one cylindrical (with the) which describes the movement of the rotary blade and the other describing instead the steady inflow and outflow of water. What I need is get the torque that makes the water on the blade. I do not know if I'm proceeding on the right way. I work with a Transient Rotor-stator interface. In your opinion, okay?
Looking at the streamlines does not seem to be very correct. What should I do?
let me know thanks

ghorrocks April 1, 2010 06:23

What you are doing sounds correct.

What does not look correct about the streamlines? I can guess the reason anyway - draw streamlines using the variable "Velocity in stationary frame".

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