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Michael.J April 6, 2010 19:30

2D simulation

I'd like to run 2D simulation. Frankly speaking i am quite confused cause no tutorial describes how to make 2D runs, as well as i have not found any way to create 2D simulation. I tried creating surface geometry in DM and plain strain mesh in meshing module but no luck. If someone could guide me through this i would be very greatfull.

I am using CFX 12 Academic License.


dvolkind April 7, 2010 10:22

You can't run 2D simulation in CFX. Either use Fluent or quasi-2D like in "Buoyant Flow in a Partitioned Cavity" tutorial.

Michael.J April 7, 2010 13:55

Thank you very much for reply. I don't know how i missed this tutorial. This quasi 2D solution suits my needs quite well :)


wjy April 8, 2010 09:02

As I know, CFX simulate 2D problem using 2 layer mesh in one direction,eg. in Z direction, and set to symmetry boundary conditon, the user manual described somewhere

wish to useful

mach000 April 8, 2010 09:35

Create a 2D mesh and then extrude it in the third direction.
Along this direction define only one layer of nodes.

Pay attention to the lenght of this extrusion. Too small can give you a very high aspect ratio

ghorrocks April 8, 2010 18:12

This question has been asked a million times - so I FAQ'ed it. Feel free to add to the FAQ if you wish!

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