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Tiger_JJ April 9, 2010 17:28

2D Heat Transfer using CFX with moving a boundary

My geometry is just rectangular 50*20 mm*mm, but the top line is keep moving with velocity of 0.1mm/s.

:)Initial Temperature is fixed at 300k and the bottom temperature is always 300k. No heat transfer out of the left line and the right line

:)After every second, the top line moved down, and the new temperature on the top line is changed by (Height of the most top grid)/(Height of themost top grid after moving)*300K. And all the grid size changed after this.

heat transfer coefficient is 1.9e-6 mm*mm/s/K

I am a totally newer of CFX. But I figured out how to create the geometry and the mesh by workbench. Please tell me how to input the moving boundary and where to apply the conduction coefficient?

A lot lot of Thanks!!!

ghorrocks April 10, 2010 06:34

Moving mesh is covered by several tutorial examples. They are the best place to start. Likewise for temperature boundary conditions, all covered in the tutorials.

Tiger_JJ April 10, 2010 15:22

Where are those tutorials?

Would be better if it is one for beginners!

Thanks a lot!!:)

ghorrocks April 11, 2010 06:57

There are a few dozen tutorials which come with CFX, have a look in the documentation. There are a heap more available on the CFX Community on the ANSYS website. Both these sources have plenty of beginner level tutorials.

And there is lots more available but unpublished - you have to ask CFX support for these. These are best left until you are more advanced and have a specific type of simulation in mind, so you can ask for an example of what you intend to do.

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