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signofra April 10, 2010 05:19

Moving mesh
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Hello to everyone!
I'm trying to simulate a simple rectangle moving by fluid force. I have a inlet velocity of 1 mm/s on x axis direction. I'd like to calculate the Drag Force and to see the streamlines. I've attached a picture with the CEL expression. When I run the solver and then the post I can see a strange behaviour. The rectangle has an oscillating movement around its start position!!!it's naturally impossible. What am I doing wrong?

The second stage is to simulate a rotating rectangle around its bottom face. How can I simulate the rotation with CEL?

ghorrocks April 10, 2010 06:31

In CFX V12 you have two approaches to model this - moving mesh or immersed body. The immersed body option is by far the easiest. CFX support has done demo files doing this sort of thing using both approaches, so talk to CFX support and get the demo files.

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