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c120613 April 12, 2010 06:58

text file to modify
Dear all,

I'd like to know if after the setting of the parameters in CFX-PRE, it is possible to generate a .txt file which contain all of the parameters of CFX-PRE. In fact the problem is that even if I want to do a small modification on the parameters of CFX-PRE I waste a lot of time by opening again the CFX-PRE. Then I suppose that a txt file will be much more easier to open and modify.
Does somebody know how can I create it ?

Kind regards


puga April 12, 2010 09:34

I think what you're talking about it exporting the CCL.

Under File--> Export CCL, you can output a file with everything from the current workspace. This is a text file (that you can edit). If you want to reload all of this, simply open CFX and go to File-->Import CCL.

AliTr April 13, 2010 20:08

There is a solution, but it is good when you need to do several runs and need to change some parameters in one base model for each run.
You have to make a CCL file (e.g. myccl.ccl) contains new parameters to update an existing .def file, run the below command from CFX command line:

cfx5solve -def xxx.def -ccl myccl.CCL

this command will update .def file and start solver to run the model.
however I suggest this method whith several runs in batch when it is needed to change some parameters for each run.

ps. I assumed you are familiar with CCL file structure.

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