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nasdak April 13, 2010 18:14

CFX pressure in Simulations problem

I have a problem with appling the CFX pressure in the Simulations. One of the condition to use CFX pressure in Simulations is (from help):
"The location of the ANSYS CFX boundary (with respect to the global Cartesian coordinate system) must be the same as the corresponding face(s) in the Simulation model." I have 0% match nodes. How can I change it to use this load in simiulation.

I simulate aortic valve leaflet simulation. First I did the CFX model, calculate the flow and as a result from CFX I need to apply the pressure from CFX to the structure in WB. in CFX I defined the cfx surface as a boundary and I would like to use it in WB But the are diferences in the CFX computed pressure and the mapped pressure. PLease if fou could suggest anything I will be apriopriate.

best regards.

nasdak April 14, 2010 13:22

More information

I have started the calculations and I get the comment from output like this:
The calculated reference FORCE CONVERGENCE VALUE = 9.889812075E-03 is less than 1E-2 a threshold zero, A value of 1E-2 or specified MINREF
is used. Check results carefully.

In monitor I got the displacement values much less than I expected.

If you have any ideas what is wrong please help.

Best regards Chris

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