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blackbody April 20, 2010 12:38

post processing tansient results
I have run a transient simulation of a turbine.
Now I would like to postprocess.
I have mad 100 timesteps and got .trn results for each one (about 23 GB total).
How can I for example plot the time averaged temperatre in a plane (average of all the 100 timesteps)???

I opne the .res file in CFD-post, and than? How do I load all these .trn files into the CFD-post???

Thank you very much!!!!

By the way: Does anybody know a good tutorial for this time averaged problem??


ghorrocks April 20, 2010 17:11

Time averages are best done as the solver progresses. Have a look at the output options.

If you want to post-process time averages you will have to do that manually or by a script in CFD-Post. There are no functions built in to do it, to my knowledge.

AliTr April 21, 2010 04:12

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you need to use power syntax, see the example.
note:the following code could be executed in CFX POST command editor:

! @myTimeSteps = ("71","105","136"); # add your "solver steps" between brackets as they are listed in POST "Time Selector"
! $MyVariable = "Water.Superficial Velocity"; # put the variable of interset between quotes
! $MyPlane = "Plane zx"; # put the plane name here

! open(MyOutF,">C:/TimeAvgOut.csv") || die "Can't open file $!\n"; # this will create a Report file named "TimeAvgOut.csv" on root of C:\ drive

! $TStepsNo = @myTimeSteps;
!print MyOutF "Time step , ",$MyVariable, "\n";
! for ($i=0;$i<$TStepsNo;$i++){
> load timestep= $myTimeSteps[$i]
! $MyAvgVel = areaAve($MyVariable, $MyPlane,"");
!print MyOutF $myTimeSteps[$i]," , ",$MyAvgVel, "\n";
! close MyOutF;

AliTr June 4, 2010 02:24


Originally Posted by AliTr (Post 255570)
! @myTimeSteps = ("71","105","136"); # add your "solver steps" between brackets as they are listed in POST "Time Selector"

just wanted to amend the above line with:

! $myTimeStepList = getValue("DATA READER", "Timestep List");
! @myTimeSteps = split(/, /, $myTimeStepList);

in case you want to do the calcs for all time steps, This will eliminate the need to extract the list of all time steps.

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