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Suzzn April 30, 2010 11:24

Transient Statistics for turbo components
Hello guys,

i`ve made a transient simulation of a centrifugal compressor and want to get the averaged data of the velocity components for the last rotation of the impeller. So i used the transient statistics tab (output control) in PRE and defined the last timesteps for averaging and the variables I considered necessary. I need to plot the velocity streamwise in a blade-to-blade-view, but i do not get the averaged data of this velocity-component. I get the "Velocity in Stn Frame. Trnave Circumferential", Velocity in Stn Frame. Trnave Blade to Blade", but some components are missing like: "Velocity in Stn Frame. Trnave Spanwise", "...Axial","...Radial" and "...Streamwise". So I restarted the simulation and defined all possible variables for the averaging to go sure that no variable was missing for the calculation. But still the same averaged turbo-velocity components (Spanwise, Axial, Radial and Streamwise) are missing and i cannot plot them. The normal components, that are not averaged are all there. What am i doing wrong or is it not possible to make a transient statistics-average for all turbo-components?

Im thankful for all hints...:)

Abou ali April 30, 2010 19:24

You can use the Turbo option in CFX-Post, it calculate easily the turbo-variables.

Suzzn May 1, 2010 07:45

Hello Abou Ali,

i can calculate all the turbo velocity components in the turbo option of POST and I get all components for a full.trn-file there. But i need the averaged data of 60 full.trn-files (transient statistics) of all the turbo velocity components. And some of the components like the velocity streamwise are not averaged by CFX.:confused:

Abou ali May 2, 2010 09:02

Did you create a transient statistic file using the CFX-Pre output control panel? If yes try to use it in CFX-Post with the turbo tool.

Suzzn May 4, 2010 04:00

Hellow Abou,

thats exactly what i did. I created an transient statistics file in the output panel of PRE. With the result-file i use the turbo tool. I initialise the rotating impeller and calculate the turbo velocity components. So I get the circumferential and bladetoblade-velocity transient-averaged, but the averaged streamwise-velocity is missing! I get the velocity streamwise for one timestep, but not transient averaged. Its confusing I know...:(

Suzzn May 4, 2010 09:56


it seems to be a problem with Ansys 12.0. Now I tried it with Ansys 12.1 and I get all transient-averaged turbo velocity components. :)

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