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mztcu May 3, 2010 15:10

Wave equation, wave velocity components
Hello everybody
I am beginer cfx user. I want to simulation water wave. I looked for wave article and I found
Jan Westphalen's article. you can look to it in that link.

in the article
there are 2 wave equation I examined these equation. And I want use these equation but I dont understand (x,z) components in equation. what I must write in CFX expression for x and z.
I wrote that
U=2.943[m s^-1]*(cosh(0.52358[m^-1]*(z+10.25[m])) /107.07929)*sin(0.52358[m^-1]*x-2.6179[s^-1]*t)
w=2.943[m s^-1]*(sinh(0.52358[m^-1]*(z+10.25[m])) /107.07929)*cos(0.52358[m^-1]*x-2.6179[s^-1]*t)

I am sory for my english Thank for everythings

AliTr May 4, 2010 02:14

x and z are coordinate components, assuming you build a 2D model in XZ plane (with z showing vertical direction), you can use them in CFX as they are (x and z).
ps. don't forget that h is level not the depth.

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