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Airone May 11, 2010 20:16

creating subdomains in DM
Hi everyone,
I am a beginner in Designmodeler. I did lots of tutorials and read the help but can't figure out this simple question. How do we do to create more than 1 body?

I would like to create 2 subdomains to help me in my meshing. Do I need to create more than 1 body (or more than 1 part I don't know) to be able to do that ?

In fact, I extruded a profile in one direction and created another extrusion in the opposite direction but it doesn't create another body but merges the 2 automatically. Same thing when I use another profile and I want it to be connected to the other one.
I know it is possible because there is a tutorial (Workbench and Polyflow) where they show the geometry having 2 subdomains and 2 parts but it basically just 2 cubes stuck one on the other.

Thank you for your help

Lance May 12, 2010 02:07

Use the freeze command to create more than one body. In your example, after you have done the first extrusion, use freeze and then create the other extrusion.

Airone May 12, 2010 16:03

Thank you for your answer. I noticed that frozen a part creates a new body but was not sure it was the solution.

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