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superqtp May 17, 2010 22:02

How to make folded face in cfx-post?
As we know, we can make the Plane1(X=0) and Plane2(Y=0) in a column vessel through the tool of Plane in CFX-post. The two planes(Plane1 and Plane2) cross at the central axis of the column. Now the question is that I want to only show the folded face formed by two half faces of Plane1 and Plane2 divided by the central axis, at the same time delete the another two half faces. I don't know whether I have clearly illustrated the problem. Actually, I have a pic on the problem, but I don't know how to upload it:confused:. So......:( Thanks in advance!:)

ghorrocks May 17, 2010 22:31

Use plane bounds to limit the plane to the area you want. Then use a surface group to combine them together into a single entity.

superqtp May 18, 2010 00:25

Dear ghorrocks:
Hi! I am a newcomer. Could you tell me how to limit the plane to a siutable area? Thanks!

ghorrocks May 18, 2010 07:49

Have a look at the bounds tab on CFD-Post when you are editting the plane object.

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