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extinguisher May 18, 2010 23:08

simulating wing stall,what kind of turbulence model is recommended
hi,i am donging a 3d wing(airfoil is e197,Re=203771).what kind of turbulence model is recommended or just using the none(laminar)。simulation type should be steady or transient

ghorrocks May 19, 2010 18:26

If you are donging a fairly typical airfoil at Re=2e5 then it is likely that turbulence transition effects are going to be significant. As a first go try SST, but you will probably need to activate the turbulence transition model.

extinguisher June 1, 2010 02:41

thank you very much

extinguisher June 1, 2010 02:56

so what about Gamma model and Gamma Theta model

ghorrocks June 1, 2010 18:30

What about them?

extinguisher June 2, 2010 09:09

Sorry,I mean how to choose the transitional turbulence, when I use the sst model to simulate my job I had mentioned above.
there are four choice:
fully turbulent
specified intermittency
gamma model
gamma theta model
And for Gamma model how much should the Transition Onset Reynolds Number be?What about 50000 for Eppler 197?

ghorrocks June 2, 2010 18:32

The default gamma theta model is generally the one to go for. Unless you know what you are doing here leave all the settings at default values.

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