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hydro May 19, 2010 09:43

Modeling of a Forging Tool.

i have got a very common question about the modeling approach for a thermal analysis of a forging tool. This tool is about 600K in air domain and moving quiet often up and down per minute. And there is also some idealised heatflux each cycle resulting from the contact to the forged piece. I am interested in the temperature distribution of the tool.

My problem is, how could the the movement of the tool be modeled in Cfx? Moving solid domain? Moving solid and fluid domain? Mesh movement? Just change flow direction? I am a little bit confused.

Or is the better approach to estimate htc-coefficients out of a steady state cht-analysis and go on with a fem-solver. It would be quiet much easier and efficient (solve time) to setup a transient thermal analysis
using htc-coefficients and ambient temperatures.

What do you think abaout such a problem and how would you model it using Cfx?

Thanks in advance!

ghorrocks May 19, 2010 18:35

I think you will find modelling the heat transfer in CFX is not the approach you want. I would get estimates of htc coefficients from a steady state model. More tricky will be the heat input from the forge and the heat extraction from surrounding bits of tooling and any cooling systems.

Also don't forget that it probably takes a few dozen cycles to get to a steady periodic state. One cycle won't be enough.

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