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gravis May 27, 2010 07:05

Heating value for HC Fuel

I have a simulation setup for coal combustion including devolatilization, char oxidation and volatiles combustion.

As I understand it,
  • the volatile combustion heat release is calculated from enthalpy changes in the reactants and products.
  • for char oxidation, the heat release is calculated by setting a specific enthalpy of formation.

As I see it, the total heat release from the coal is already determined by the two reactions above. How is the specified heating value included in the calculations? Is it only used when the char oxidation heat release is calculated "From Material Properties" instead of "Specific Enthalpy"?

Best Regards,

bharath July 26, 2010 22:04

Coal combustion set up
Hi gravis,
i try to simulate a coal combustion problem. when i browse through forum i saw your post and you said you have a setup for this.Will you mail me the setup to my mail id

thanks in advance

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