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hisairness May 28, 2010 10:55

MFX start script
I have a coupled problem which I want so solve with ANSYS and CFX (version 12.1 in Linux).
I would like to start the run with a shell script but I wasn't able to write one be myself that works.
What I have so far is:

For starting the CFX run with the filename "start_cfx":

cfx5solve -def "cfx_11.def" -ini "stat_sym_open_11_v20_001.res" -part 4 -s 2 -sizepar 2 -sizeint 2 -start-method "HP MPI Local Parallel" &

for starting the ANSYS run with the filename: "start_ansys":

ansys121 -p AA_T_A -mfm "ANSYS" -ser 49800 -i "couple_mesh5.inp" -o "fsi_5_11.out" -np 2 | tee -i &

and finally I have another file with the name "start_mfx" which should start first the ANSYS-run and then the CFX-run:

sh start_ansys
sh start_cfx

Can anybody help me fixing the problem?
Thanks a lot!

stumpy May 31, 2010 11:43

You should use a single cfx5solve command to start both solvers. Run "cfx5solve -help" and look for the arguments to start the ANSYS solver (-mfx-run-mode, -ansys-input, -ansys-restart, etc).

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