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acvq May 31, 2010 10:41

Solver exit return code 1

i have a problem with the solver cfx. when i am running a simulation, it stops and appears this
================================================== ====================
OUTER LOOP ITERATION = 43 ( 12) CPU SECONDS = 6.268E+03 (2.567E+03)
| Equation | Rate | RMS Res | Max Res | Linear Solution |
| An error has occurred in cfx5solve: |
| |
| The ANSYS CFX solver exited with return code 1. No results file |
| has been created.

Can anyone help me??


Pocket June 1, 2010 03:39

First of all, post a bit more information.

This error basically doesn't tell you anything.

Did your simulation diverge?
Check the "Rate" of the previous iterations. It should be lower than 1 (can be a little over 1 and its not a problem), if its significantly bigger than 1, it's diverging fast.

Did the linear solver fail?
Check whether there is OK, ok, F or * in "Linear Solution"
if F or *, that's most likely your culprit.

But give more information. Static or transient? Is it a iteration where a load is applied? Mesh movement?

acvq June 1, 2010 04:09


The simulation is a steady-state calculation of a multiphase-flow ejector without mesh movement.

When the simulation ends with errors, both the numerical solution and the rate are good. The numerical solution is "OK" and the rate is less than one. But the solver stop and return with the code 1, i don't know this error.

What do you think??



Attesz June 1, 2010 04:17

what about your mesh quality? expansion factors etc?

caesar August 29, 2010 16:22

the code 1

I have the similar problem....

So, what did you do to fix that?

Many thanks............!!!!!

motahar September 11, 2011 09:06

Hi friends,

I'm simulating a simple tube in 2-phase, using Droplets.
I've experienced the same problem.

Can a friend help me?


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