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Apostolis June 3, 2010 04:45

2D suction in ANSYS CFX 12.1
Hello everyone. I am interested in applying suction on a 2D body (cylinder or airfoil) but I am having trouble defining the suction location. The idea is to select a specific segment along the body's curve, define it as an outlet and apply velocity boundary conditions so I can control the suction velocity. For the cylinder case, I am able to define a circular arc via the split curve command in DesignModeler, however when I proceed to the Mesher and the Setup, the arc is not there i.e. the programm does not recognize it and therefore I cannot apply different conditions on it. Oddly enough, if instead of a circle I design a square and proceed to the Mesher and the Setup, ANSYS recognizes each of the four edges separately and different boundary conditions can be applied on each one. I did found this thread cfx.html but no answer has been given to the guy asking. It sounds really simple, what am I missing? I will appreciate any kind of advice you can give me. Thank you for your time, Apostolis

ghorrocks June 3, 2010 08:01

You will have to define the region for suction to be applied in DesignModeller. Cut it out of the full shape and it will come into CFX-Pre as a different surface so you can assign a different boundary to it.

The questions referred to in the link is completely different and asks how do you apply the boundary condition while still retaining a no slip wall. The answer is to use a mass source/sink on a wall boundary, this will do it.

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