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blackbody June 3, 2010 10:55

Transient Macro in CFD-POST

For CFD-Post

Does anybody have a macro that loads all the timesteps in a loop automatically and gives out a calculation funtion:

massflowAve T_tot and P_tot at inlet and outlet....

or even better the total-to-total efficiency of a turbine at each timestep...


ghorrocks June 3, 2010 18:54

Start a session and do the first few time steps. It will record the session file, and hopefully you can extend it to do the entire thing.

If you want to use perl to do nicer looping for more generalisation then search the forum and read the documentation.

blackbody June 3, 2010 19:14

I will try to "record" my session as soon as possible and see if that works... Didn't know that there is such a tool...

AliTr June 4, 2010 02:19

look at this post:

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