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chiccopeso June 5, 2010 17:33

graphic problem
if i import a new mesh in cfx i got some graphic problem that don't allow me to work on the mesh,cause i don't see clearly surface and parts.Now i don't have a pict available for report,maybe tomorrow.
i'm working on my laptop,intel duo 2.1 ghz,4 gb of ram with graphic device ATI MOBILITY RADEON x2300.
do u think is a problem with graphical device/bug or maybe is about cfx setting? it's the first time i use that,and i didn't change the default setting,the same mesh in other pc work good...

chiccopeso June 6, 2010 05:05

here the image from "stamp" key on my laptop
but look if i did "save picture.." from the software

ghorrocks June 6, 2010 06:21

Looks like a display thing. Try fiddling with the display settings of your machine, the opengl ones are the ones to look at. Alternately you can get CFX to use software rendering which will almost certainly work but be slower (look in starting from the command line on how to do this).

chiccopeso June 6, 2010 06:34

thanks man,i try.
so u think is not a problem of graphical device or cfx,just a setting

ghorrocks June 6, 2010 07:56

All modern graphics cards support opengl. At least I have not seen one which does not. But they can get into funny modes which does not work with CFX.

Of course, as I said before, there is always software rendering. That does not use the graphics card at all so it should work fine - but will be a little slower.

chiccopeso June 6, 2010 13:03

i try to make a rendering by the cfx option mený,it doesn't work,i still have problem,i don't know i still see those square on the geometry.
i check my opengl version,is the 6.something...

ghorrocks June 6, 2010 18:47

Try starting CFX from the command line using software rendering. This should work.

chiccopeso June 7, 2010 06:52

"Try starting CFX from the command line using software rendering. This should work. "
i don't know how to

ghorrocks June 7, 2010 07:18

Look in the documentation under starting CFX from the command line.

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