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mactech001 June 9, 2010 19:36

[CFXv11]fluid temperature distr problem
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Dear all,

I'm having some difficulty understanding the reason why there's a kind of huge temperature rise at the inlet side of the fluid model.

Referring to the attached picture, the inlet is on the right side of the helical channel. Encircled are regions where you find huge temperature rise from cold to hot fluid. I have a heat source in the inner surface which is not shown.

is there a reason why there's a huge temperature rise at the encircled region please? i would expect to see gradual increase in temperature instead.

Hope to hear any comments/suggestions you may have.

ghorrocks June 10, 2010 08:08

Have a look at the streamlines behind it. I bet there is a jet of hot fluid just behind it which is keeping it hot, or something like that.

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